La couleur des Mots

A Philippe BLASBAND Film

With :

Aylin Yay (Marie) – Mathilde Larivière (Mary child) – Serge Demoulin (Charles) – Benoît Verhaert (Jérôme) – Martine Willequet (Danielle) – Serge Larivière (The boss) – Laurent Capelluto (The blind)

Storyline :

24 hours in the life of Marie, a young woman suffering from dysphasia. Most of the time her mother tongue sounds like a foreign language to her. From one encounter to another we measure the gap between Marie and the rest of the world.

Writer :

Philippe Blasband

Production :

A Climax Films

Release date :

January 17, 2007

Nationalities :


Type of movie :

TV Movie