Maigret et le fou de Sainte Clotilde

A Claudio TONETTI Film

With :

Bruno Cremer (Maigret) – Alexandre Brasseur (Paul Lachenal) – Philippe Khorsand (Duhour) – Philippe Magnan (docteur Rivaud) – Philippe Dormoy (Chief of police Leduc) – Sonia Vollereaux (Miss Bellanger) – Michel Vuillermoz (Bellanger) – Dora Doll (Tativa) – Chrystelle Labaude (Janine) – Anne Kreis (Florence Rivaud) – Armelle (Nurse Bordenave) – Jean-François Gallotte (The hotel boss) – Christiane Ludot (The teacher)

Storyline :

Maigret took the night train to join his wife in Strasbourg. He sees a man about to jump on. Wanting to stop him, he falls and sprains his ankle. Without identity papers or luggage, the Commissioner found at Sainte-Clothilde Hospital, a small town in Lorraine.

Scénario :

Pierre Granier-Deferre, Michel Grisolia et Georges Simenon

Production :

Antenne-2 – Artémis Productions – Dune Productions – France 2 – Media Services – Samsa Film – TSR

Release Date :

May 10, 2002

Nationalities :

France – Belgium – Luxembourg – Switzerland

Type of movie :

Serial TV