Petites misères

A Philippe BOON and Laurent BRANDENBOURGER Film

With :

Albert Dupontel (Jean) – Marie Trintignant (Nicole) – Serge Larivière (Georges) – Bouli Lanners (Eddy) – Sjarel Branckaerts (Roger) – Raymond Avenière (Victor) – Nicole Valberg (Mireille)

Storyline :

Jean V., bailiff of forty, plies his trade with talent but without showing humanity. He is married to Nicole, 35 years and consumer crisis. Regularly, Jean George uses the services, chronic debtor and folk character, who helps in his “little tricks”. Incidentally, George restores Nicole taste to buy. One day, Jean first met Eddy, a policeman who accompanied during his tour of seizures. But different between them and will take disproportionate dimensions. Pushed to the end, Jean decides to go with George a dark machination to give a lesson to a cop.

Writers :

Philippe Boon, Laurent Brandenbourger

Production :

ADR Productions – Artémis Productions – Samsa Films

Release :

February 6, 2002

Nationalities :

France – Belgium – Luxembourg

Type of movie :

Feature film